Waterproof your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S

Accidents are inevitable, and when an accident befalls a mobile phone, there’s a good chance that it will involve water. For the most part, modern phones handle a bit of damp quite well, there’s never much trauma if you’re out in the rain for a bit. But when you drop your phone in the bath, fall in a swimming pool or your phone makes a dive for your toilet you need a bit more protection.

That’s where you need a nanoparticle layer protecting your phone. The problem is, applying such a layer to your handset isn’t all that easy, and requires a machine worth tens of thousands of pounds. We went to see the machine, and the company called Techjacket that is now offering to coat your handset in a protective layer.

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One thought on “Waterproof your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S

  1. there are accessories that can really make your smartphones waterproof like otter box

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