Apple’s new TV service may come with ad-skipping feature: Report

Apple has long been rumoured to enter the TV space, either with a television set of its own, or a TV service with support from the big networks, or, indeed, both. While wait for the mythical Apple TV – the television – continues, a new report has disclosed some rather interesting details of Apple’s TV service.

According to a report by Jessica Lessin, former reporter and editor for The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s TV service will come with a feature that will allow users to skip ads. The feature will appeal to new generation of users who have grown up with DVRs that let you record content and, thus, skip ads when actually sit down to watch the show.

Naturally, the TV networks are not thrilled with the idea, but, the report claims, Apple plans to offer monetary compensation for any loss of revenue that may result from the ad-skipping. Based on the report, the initial response from networks doesn’t seem to be very positive, though the negotiations are likely to continue for a while.

The report also confirms a few other murmurs we’ve been hearing for a while, like the discussion between Apple and the networks and cable companies have been going on for over a year now. Apple is said to be seeking rights for a service that would allow users to watch live and on-demand TV content. Apple may deliver this content via the existing Apple TV, any other set-top box, or its rumoured television set.

The report claims the discussions have been “highly secretive” and CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President Eddy Cue held talks with some media companies as recently as last week at a conference in Sun Valley.

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Samsung Galaxy Folder with Android 4.2 may bring flip phones back in fashion

When you think about flip phones, perhaps the first phone that comes to mind is the Motorola RAZR. While the phone became very popular at the time, it’s now passé. But if a rumour is to be believed,Samsung is working on a flip phone that will be based on Android.According to a Korean site, DDaily the South Korean handset maker is all set to launch a flip phone with numeric keypad running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean soon. Reportedly, the company will first introduce the device in its home market i.e. South Korea and would be a low-end device. The phone is dubbed as Samsung Galaxy Folder and comes with model numbers SHV-E400S/ SHV-E400K.The DDaily quotes a Samsung Electronics official saying that the Samsung Galaxy Folder will be released in August and would also support LTE.

While a Japanese blogging site, Blog of Mobile, reveals some specifications of the Galaxy Folder. Allegedly the Galaxy Folder flip phone will be based on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and will be powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. The screen resolution is expected to be 480×800 pixels and would be a WVGA display. This report also claims a August release date.

However, it’s not clear if the Samsung Galaxy Folder will combine a touch screen with the physical keypad, or abandon touch-based input completely.

If the Samsung Galaxy Folder is launched globally, then we can expect flip phone lovers to get a credible option after a long time as now the market is dominated by touchscreen devices. In fact even phones with physical keyboards/ keypads have seen a decline in numbers with companies like BlackBerry launching Z10 and Nokia releasing Asha and Lumia range of devices with focus on full-touch support rather than physical keyboards. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung can revive the flip phone era or the device will be a victim to the dominant touchscreen segment.

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BlackBerry A10 appears in video, 5-inch display and all

What you’re about to see would very much appear to be the next-generation BlackBerry smartphone code-named BlackBerry A10 Aristo. This device has been rumored to be the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to be working with a 5-inch display, aiming to take on the likes of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 in the handheld market while the original BlackBerry Z10′s display size lacks punch. This device takes on an appearance much like the Z10, working instead with a white bar of plastic on its bottom instead of both its bottom and its top.

This device is not, in this case, joined by one whole heck of a lot of detail as we assume the videographer does not want to be identified as such. What we’re seeing here matches up quite well, on the other hand, with the tips for this device thus far. That’s the possibility of a 1280 x 720 resolution spilled over a 5-inch display with AMOLED technology and a very, very similar design language for the hardware as a whole.

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Why car-to-car communication will make road rage a thing of the past

It’s always when you’re in a hurry, isn’t it? Every traffic light goes red as you drive towards it. Every. Single. One. It’s unbelievable.

But here’s something you can believe. In future, your car will tell you how fast to drive in order to reach every single traffic light when it’s green. It’ll also tell you when you’re about about to hit a traffic jam (hopefully in time for the satnav to recalculate), when there’s an ambulance coming up behind you and when you’re about to hit a patch of black ice.

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Samsung’s Q2 2013 shows investors value analysis over record profit

Though Samsung’s financial quarter announcements this week showed the company to be kicking up a storm (metaphorically, of course), with the Galaxy S 4 family of devices on the market today, shares fell internationally at word that analysis projections were not met. This sort of thing isn’t unheard of, but to the lay person, it’s not the easiest thing to make simple sense of. Why, if Samsung’s quarterly profits are up 47% compared to this quarter last year, are investors spooked enough to kick down shares 4% in the Seoul stock market?

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