ZTE Open Firefox OS smartphone has officially launched on eBay UK and US

Earlier this week it was confirmed that ZTE would be selling the Firefox OS smartphone via. eBay. The product has officially launched on the UK and US store.

The ZTE Open Firefox OS smartphone is now available for purchase on ZTE’s eBay stores in the UK and US.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the ZTE Open would go on sale exclusively in the UK and US for £60 ($90), and the product has now officially launched.

The smartphone, available in Firefox’s exclusive orange colouring is only available in an initial batch online.

Buyers will receive a ZTE Open Firefox OS Mobilephone, battery, Micro USB Cable, Charger and Earphones for their money, alongside free shipping.

Developers are invited to “build apps powered by open Web standards (like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS) and new Mozilla pioneered Web APIs that enable Web apps to access the underlying capabilities of the handset previously only available to native apps (e.g. camera, telephony, messaging, Bluetooth),” as stated on ZTE’s ebay store.

The ZTE Open was unveiled earlier this year available only in Spain, Columbia, and Venezuela.

Specifications for the smartphone look like this; a 3.5-inch TFT 320 x 480p screen, 256 MB RAM, 32GB additional Micro SD Card support, and runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Mozilla’s Firefox OS also runs on the Geeksphone Keon and Peak devices which sold for £78 (Keon) and £130 (Peak).

Source & Image: ZTE eBay store (UK) & (US)


*THWACK* Samsung Rolls Out an Android Flip Phone

As much as smartphones have done to advance the fine arts of communication and handheld web surfing, the main thing we’ve been missing since the flip phone era is the satisfying THWACK! of ending a phone call. You just can’t hang up authoritatively with a smartphone. “Did you see that guy jam his thumb against his iPhone? Oooooh, he must be mad!!”

I’m not sure how many slickly-named Hennessy flip phones Samsung will be able to sell, but for a company whose Galaxy line of products features a skillion different makes, models and screen sizes, the idea here is probably that — hey — maybe there are some people out there who want to go back to flip phones without giving up too many smartphone features.

This isn’t exactly a state of the art smartphone/flip phone hybrid, mind you. It’s running a somewhat older version of Android (last year’s 4.1 Jelly Bean), and the two 3.3-inch touchscreens (yes, there are two — one on the outside and one on the inside) each feature a resolution of just 320 by 480 pixels. But there’s a quad-core processor under the hood and a gigabyte of RAM, which ought to make the phone perform smoothly. And perhaps more importantly, there’s an old-timey numeric dialing pad.

If you’re feeling nostalgic enough to explore a potential purchase of this device, I’m afraid I have some bad news. For now, it’s apparently only available in China. Who knows, though? Maybe this will become a trend.

Samsung brings back the flip phone, unveils the Hennessy featuring two 3.3-inch displays [Pocket-lint]

Sphero 2.0 iPhone-controlled robot unveiled

Orbotix’s iPhone-controlled robot has had some significant upgrades with the Sphero 2.0 now boasting a higher speed along with some other internal tweaks

Orbotix has unveiled Sphero 2.0, an update to the Sphero iPhone and Android-controlled robot which lets you use Augmented Reality to control the orb-shaped robot.

Sphero 2.0 now comes with a new engine which boasts 7 feet per second making it twice as fast as the previous model, the internal LEDs have also been boosted making it reportedly 3x brighter.

For those that want something that’s a little more rugged Sphero 2.0 now comes with a range of rubber cases which will also increase its ability to swim through water.

One of the main attractions are the host of Augmented Reality apps which let you use your iPhone or smartphone to turn the Sphero into a host of different objects all through the screen.

It’s available now for around £121 from the Orbotix website and comes with two ramps to get any budding off-roaders started.

Nokia Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 to launch in India by August end: Report

When smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 625 and the Lumia 1020 get listed on the company’s website, an official launch becomes imminent (well mostly).

A new report now claims that Nokia is likely to unveil the Nokia Lumia 625 in the second or third week of August.

The Times of India has reported that the Lumia 625 which sports the biggest display on a Lumia smartphone, might be unveiled later this month. The Lumia 925, Nokia’s premium Windows Phone device is also expected to arrive at the same time. The report also adds that the Lumia 1020, Nokia’s Windows Phone Pureview device, is expected to reach India in September or October.

All the three smartphones were listed on Nokia India’s official website with a ‘coming soon’ label, some time back.

However, the report does not mention anything about the pricing of the Lumia 625 and the Lumia 925, It also does not mention a specific launch date for the phones.

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Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi-525 review

Many Indian handset manufacturers have come out with interesting feature-packed handsets to challenge the dominance of global brands. One company that seems to be raising the bar is Spice Mobiles. Its latest phablet, the Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi-525 offers a crisp 5.0-inch full-HD display and comes packed with a quad-core processor.But is that enough to compete in a market that is presently dominated by brands like Micromax, Karbonn and Samsung? We try to find out in our review.

Design/ Build

Our immediate reaction after we took the Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi-525 out of the box was that it looked familiar. Spice has opted for a minimalistic design for the Pinnacle FHD, which has nothing unusual.The design of the Spice Pinnacle FHD is simple, with no hardware keys on the front panel.

The front of the phone is dominated by the 5-inch full-HD display with three capacitive keys lined up below the screen for Settings, Home and Back. However, the backlight doesn’t illuminate even when the display is on till one touches them, which we found a bit odd.

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Nokia Asha 501 review

The Nokia Lumia range might be making headlines, but Nokia’s feature phones including its relatively new Asha series phones are the ones making cash registers ring for the company across India. The latest to join the bandwagon is the Asha 501, which was unveiled a few months back by Nokia chief Stephen Elop at an event in India.

Nokia has been known to come out with solid, sturdy devices rather than flashy, glitzy ones when it comes to its budget phones. However, we think that the Nokia Asha 501 is here to change that and reveals the brand’s playful side in the feature phone segment. The much hyped Nokia Asha 501 has finally made it to the Indian market. But does it live up to expectations? We take a close look.

Build/ Design

At a time when phones seem to be getting bigger, the Nokia Asha 501 goes the opposite direction, opting for a compact build with dimensions of 99.2x58x12.1mm. When we got the device in our hands the first time, the word that came to our mind was ‘cute’.

The Asha 501 easily reminded us of the Lumia smartphones and though it is a bit chunky, thanks to its design, it fits in one hand easily. It is pretty light in weight at just 91 grams.

Be it an entry-level feature phone or a Lumia smartphone, the one thing that remains consistent in a Nokia phone is its style and design, which generally exudes quality and matches international design standards. The Nokia Asha 501 lives up to this legacy.

The front panel is dominated by a 3-inch display that is surrounded by a black bezel with a physical ‘Back’ key placed at the bottom of the panel and the Nokia logo on top of the screen just below the earpiece. Nokia has followed the same Lumia design language, placing the physical keys for volume controls and power buttons on the right. We did miss a camera hardware key, though. The top panel houses a 2.5mm charging port, a Micro-USB port and a 3.5mm audio port.

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