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KEF E Series

Elegante, discreto e de alta qualidade, o novo sistema KEF E 305 para cinema-em-casa representa um regresso às origens mas com os pés no futuro. Ou seja um regresso às colunas de forma ovóide que tanto sucesso fez no passado com a premiada série Q, com design e tecnologia aprimorados.

Para cinema e música, esta série E é composta por colunas satélite E301, pela coluna central E301c e pelo subwoofer ativo KEF E2. Assegura um som claro e natural, sem distorções, e preciso mesmo quando o volume estiver alto. E é de simples instalação, basta apenas ligar e utilizar (plug & play). Disponíveis em preto ou branco.

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Modus III Is A Portable Workstation That Wants To Turn Your iPad Into A Desktop


To the untrained eye the evolution of technology can appear to be a rather futile oscillation. We had laptops. Then we threw away their keyboards and worked only on a screen. Then we decided touchscreen typing on tablets was annoying, so brought back a physical keyboard and added supports to hold the screen at that trusty old laptop screen angle that made so much sense… All of which probably says a lot more about human nature than technology evolution but no matter. Meet Modus III: it’s a home for your iPad that promises to iron out tablet productivity niggles by giving your slate a laptop/desktop-esque workstation to live in.

Modus III is currently only a prototype. Its creators are looking to raise $95,000 on Kickstarter to make this laptop-recreating portable workstation a reality — a distant goal at this early stage in their campaign which runs for another 31 days…

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LG Exec Talks Tablet, Smartwatch, Phablet, Firefox OS And Windows Phone Plans For This Year And Next


LG looks like it might be about to spread its bets around the table, according to a new interview with Bulgarian LG communications executive Dimitar Vulev. The interview from (via Engadget) offers up an unusually transparent look at LG’s upcoming product plans, as Vulev details what the company is working on both for the end of the year and beyond.

The comms director says that LG is keenly aware of the phablet phenomenon, as evidenced by the Optimus View and Optimus G Pro, and adds that next year there will be “an even bigger phone.” This is also seen as a transition to the company focusing on larger-screen tablet devices, including a device to be launched “probably” by the end of the year. LG had previously shuttered its tablet efforts, but Vulev says it’s time to re-enter since it’s a “growing market” that has become much larger in…

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