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CulCharge ensures you always have a way to charge your phone


I remember being back in high school, and listening to my math teacher tell us the importance of being able to quickly solve problems on paper, because we wouldn’t carry a calculator everywhere when we got out into the real world. While those lessons were good ones, almost everyone does have a rather powerful calculator in their pocket. In fact, most of us can’t seem to be parted from our smartphones. So what happens when you’re at the office, and your phone is about to die, and there is no charger in sight?

If you happen to be carrying the CulCharge, then you need only find the nearest USB port to ensure that your phone will stay juiced up. The CulCharge is one of the smallest USB chargers around, as it measures 6cm long. At that size, it’s small enough to sit on your keychain, and go unnoticed. It’s even thin enough to slip into your wallet, without causing a bulge.

Due to the small size, they aren’t able to fit multiple connectors onto one CulCharge. You’ll need a separate one for each type of device. They have them available with MicroUSB, MiniUSB, 30-pin iPhone, and Lightning plugs, depending on your need. If you back the IndieGoGo campaign, you’ll be able to get one for just $9, unless you’re after the iPhone 5′s Lightning connector, in which case, you’ll need to spend $15 (due to the increased costs associated with it).


Apple Applies for an iWatch Trademark in Japan

According to reports from Bloomberg, Apple applied for an “iWatch” trademark early last month in Japan, which was categorized under “handheld computer or watch.”

The reports add more fuel to the fire that the much-rumored smartwatch is indeed real, and is very much on the horizon. Bloomberg claims that sources said Apple has gathered a team of a hundred designers to construct the smartwatch. Similarly to Sony’s SmartWatch, the watch is expected to connect wirelessly with devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

In one of Apple’s most recent ads, titled “Music Every Day,” which you can view above, many have noticed that there is a black watch on a dude’s wrist that resembles an Apple product. You can check it out around the 30-second mark. What do you think: could this be the new iWatch?

TomTom Runner GPS sports watch now available, Multi-Sport to launch later this month

TomTom unveiled two watches earlier this year for the sports-inclined, called Runner and Multi-Sport, and now the GPS-maker has made both available for purchase.

The $169.99 (£111) TomTom Runner has an 11.5-mm slim design, 10-hour battery life, heart rate monitor and a GPS locator. Other attributes include a scratch- and impact-resistant display and weatherproof and waterproof casing. The watch also offers desktop syncing compatibility so users can share stats with the TomTom MySports website, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper and TrainingPeaks.

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