*THWACK* Samsung Rolls Out an Android Flip Phone

As much as smartphones have done to advance the fine arts of communication and handheld web surfing, the main thing we’ve been missing since the flip phone era is the satisfying THWACK! of ending a phone call. You just can’t hang up authoritatively with a smartphone. “Did you see that guy jam his thumb against his iPhone? Oooooh, he must be mad!!”

I’m not sure how many slickly-named Hennessy flip phones Samsung will be able to sell, but for a company whose Galaxy line of products features a skillion different makes, models and screen sizes, the idea here is probably that — hey — maybe there are some people out there who want to go back to flip phones without giving up too many smartphone features.

This isn’t exactly a state of the art smartphone/flip phone hybrid, mind you. It’s running a somewhat older version of Android (last year’s 4.1 Jelly Bean), and the two 3.3-inch touchscreens (yes, there are two — one on the outside and one on the inside) each feature a resolution of just 320 by 480 pixels. But there’s a quad-core processor under the hood and a gigabyte of RAM, which ought to make the phone perform smoothly. And perhaps more importantly, there’s an old-timey numeric dialing pad.

If you’re feeling nostalgic enough to explore a potential purchase of this device, I’m afraid I have some bad news. For now, it’s apparently only available in China. Who knows, though? Maybe this will become a trend.

Samsung brings back the flip phone, unveils the Hennessy featuring two 3.3-inch displays [Pocket-lint]


Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi-525 review

Many Indian handset manufacturers have come out with interesting feature-packed handsets to challenge the dominance of global brands. One company that seems to be raising the bar is Spice Mobiles. Its latest phablet, the Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi-525 offers a crisp 5.0-inch full-HD display and comes packed with a quad-core processor.But is that enough to compete in a market that is presently dominated by brands like Micromax, Karbonn and Samsung? We try to find out in our review.

Design/ Build

Our immediate reaction after we took the Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi-525 out of the box was that it looked familiar. Spice has opted for a minimalistic design for the Pinnacle FHD, which has nothing unusual.The design of the Spice Pinnacle FHD is simple, with no hardware keys on the front panel.

The front of the phone is dominated by the 5-inch full-HD display with three capacitive keys lined up below the screen for Settings, Home and Back. However, the backlight doesn’t illuminate even when the display is on till one touches them, which we found a bit odd.

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Waterproof your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S

Accidents are inevitable, and when an accident befalls a mobile phone, there’s a good chance that it will involve water. For the most part, modern phones handle a bit of damp quite well, there’s never much trauma if you’re out in the rain for a bit. But when you drop your phone in the bath, fall in a swimming pool or your phone makes a dive for your toilet you need a bit more protection.

That’s where you need a nanoparticle layer protecting your phone. The problem is, applying such a layer to your handset isn’t all that easy, and requires a machine worth tens of thousands of pounds. We went to see the machine, and the company called Techjacket that is now offering to coat your handset in a protective layer.

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Samsung announces Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor and Series 7 SC750 Monitor

Many of us do use computers in our line of work for many hours each day, and apart from having an efficient machine that does our digital bidding in the most practical manner, the monitor, too, plays a big role in ensuring that our eyes do not end up too tired along the way for us to do anything else. Samsung has a couple of new consumer monitors, namely the Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor as well as the Series 7 SC750 monitor, where the former would happen to be Samsung’s first consumer multi-touch display; while the latter boasts of an ergonomic rotating display.

The Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor comes with a special touch control that paves the way for 10 points of simultaneous input, making it ideal for dragging, rotating and selecting objects on the monitor, all the while offering a smooth and intuitive touchscreen interaction. This means you do not need to have any additional controllers, and I can testify to the fact that once you have gotten used to a touchscreen monitor in a Windows 8 environment, you would find it strange when you use a computer terminal without a touchscreen as you would inadvertently touch the monitor and wonder why it does not work. Just remember to lay off the pizza and other kinds of oily food along the way if you want to continue working from the existing terminal with the Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor in tow.

The SC770 also delivers an enriched computing experience, as it can hook up to a mobile device via USB, while Samsung’s Sliding-Tilt function with hinge technology would enable the SC770 to smoothly and conveniently adjust to a 55-degree tilt. This is a 24” Full HD display that sports a narrow bezel with ultra slim depth, accompanied by a clean back and a premium metallic stand, and will retail for $599.99 a pop.

As for the Series 7 SC750 monitor, this puppy will arrive in a slim, ergonomic design which is capable of a 90-degree pivot, while the rotating screen has been optimized for surfing the web, consuming social media content and viewing documents – regardless of whether you choose to do so in landscape or portrait modes. You can pick up the Series 7 SC750 in 24” and 27” models for $249 and $379, respectively.

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Samsung Galaxy Folder with Android 4.2 may bring flip phones back in fashion

When you think about flip phones, perhaps the first phone that comes to mind is the Motorola RAZR. While the phone became very popular at the time, it’s now passé. But if a rumour is to be believed,Samsung is working on a flip phone that will be based on Android.According to a Korean site, DDaily the South Korean handset maker is all set to launch a flip phone with numeric keypad running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean soon. Reportedly, the company will first introduce the device in its home market i.e. South Korea and would be a low-end device. The phone is dubbed as Samsung Galaxy Folder and comes with model numbers SHV-E400S/ SHV-E400K.The DDaily quotes a Samsung Electronics official saying that the Samsung Galaxy Folder will be released in August and would also support LTE.

While a Japanese blogging site, Blog of Mobile, reveals some specifications of the Galaxy Folder. Allegedly the Galaxy Folder flip phone will be based on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and will be powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. The screen resolution is expected to be 480×800 pixels and would be a WVGA display. This report also claims a August release date.

However, it’s not clear if the Samsung Galaxy Folder will combine a touch screen with the physical keypad, or abandon touch-based input completely.

If the Samsung Galaxy Folder is launched globally, then we can expect flip phone lovers to get a credible option after a long time as now the market is dominated by touchscreen devices. In fact even phones with physical keyboards/ keypads have seen a decline in numbers with companies like BlackBerry launching Z10 and Nokia releasing Asha and Lumia range of devices with focus on full-touch support rather than physical keyboards. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung can revive the flip phone era or the device will be a victim to the dominant touchscreen segment.

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Samsung’s Q2 2013 shows investors value analysis over record profit

Though Samsung’s financial quarter announcements this week showed the company to be kicking up a storm (metaphorically, of course), with the Galaxy S 4 family of devices on the market today, shares fell internationally at word that analysis projections were not met. This sort of thing isn’t unheard of, but to the lay person, it’s not the easiest thing to make simple sense of. Why, if Samsung’s quarterly profits are up 47% compared to this quarter last year, are investors spooked enough to kick down shares 4% in the Seoul stock market?

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